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I am attorney Adam Slonim, and I created this site to help families and individuals with their Estate Planning, Trust Administration, and Probate needs.

Please see the “Probate” and “Estate Planning” pages of this website for more information about my client-friendly and streamlined services.

If you need help with a Probate or Estate Planning, please call or e-mail now to discuss your questions and/or to schedule a private, confidential appointment. My office is located in San Diego, California, and I can be reached at (858) 455-1008 or

Why Choose the Law Office of Adam Slonim?

What makes this Law Office unique?

* Experienced Probate & Estate Planning Attorney

* Personal Attention
* Explanations in Plain English
* Streamlined Process for Busy People
* Convenient Central Location
* Estate Plans Designed to meet Your Personal Needs

* Estate Planning & Probate are the primary focus of this office

I want your experience to be outstanding from beginning to end.

Note to Financial Professionals

Referrals from financial planners, accountants, attorneys and anyone else are always welcome. My probate and estate planning practices have been built on referrals, and each client receives my direct, personal attention. I hope this site will be a useful reference to you and your clients. If you have suggestions for anything you'd like to see featured or explained on this site, I welcome your comments.