Living Trust Package

The Basic Living Trust Package includes the following:

  • Revocable Living Trust - avoids Probate and certain Death Taxes for all assets transferred into the trust
  • Pour-Over Will - appoints Guardians for your children and ensures that assets that were not transferred into your trust are inherited according to your wishes
  • Power of Attorney - allows a spouse or anyone else of your choice to sign documents and handle financial affairs for you. This document is particularly helpful in case of mental or physical disability
  • Advance Health Care Directive - gives directions to physicians and family members regarding continuation of life support systems, organ donation, burial, etc.
  • Asset Transfer Letters -provide all necessary information to your bank, stockbroker, insurance agent, etc. to get assets transferred into your trust by simply filling in the blanks with pertinent information, delivering letters to appropriate institutions, and signing any forms required by them.
  • Preparation and Recording of House Deed - transfers your home into your Trust (Additional fees apply for each additional deed).
  • Three-ring Binder - organizes all of your documents in one convenient location. Also contains forms which can be completed regarding location of safe deposit boxes (and keys), Cord Blood Banking information, contact information for your CPA, Financial Planner, etc., and more.

Trust Administration

We make Trust Administration easy on you. We will walk you through each step, one at a time, and make sure you know what’s happening in your case. We will make sure the Trust Administration is completed as quickly as possible.