Probate can feel like a maze -


You need a professional to guide you…


Being an Executor is an overwhelming task, especially when added to everything else you already have going on in your life.  The maze of courts, legal documents, accountings, and financial institutions is not territory that most of us are familiar with, so you really need a guide to help you through.  For example, do you know:

*How to read and understand a Will…or what to do if there is no Will?
*How to get financial institutions to let you access “frozen” accounts?
*How to draft and file court documents…and where to file them?
*How to make a court appearance?
*What kind of bank account to set up for the Probate? 
*Why you need a Tax ID number for the Probate Estate…and how to get one?
*How to answer beneficiaries’ questions about what’s in the Estate and when they’ll receive their shares?

You do not need to face these questions alone!  We can help you with all of them.  We will interpret the Will, explain what to do if there is no Will, provide you with the documents needed to “unfreeze” accounts, file all court documents and appear in court on your behalf, help you to correctly set up the Estate’s bank account, secure a Tax ID number for the Estate’s bank account and tax returns, help you answer questions from heirs and beneficiaries, and generally help you with all of the legal work required to complete your Probate. 

While these tasks are part of every Probate we handle, we always keep in mind that they are new to you, so we will explain each step to you as we take it, and will also let you know what our next steps will be to complete your Probate.  And in addition to the goal of completing the Probate, while the Probate is happening, we want your experience to be as easy as possible, so we also make the following commitments to you:

*Plain English: We will always answer your questions in “Plain English.”
*Streamlined Process: With our streamlined process, your visits to our office are minimized as most of the court related work for your Probate can be completed via e-mail, fax and phone.
*Personal Attention: We will always listen to you.
*Quick Response: We will always return your calls/e-mails the same day (or at the very latest within 24 hours).
*Speedy Resolution: We will draft & file documents right away so that your Probate ends as quickly as possible.

My paralegal and I are well experienced at navigating the Probate maze, and we know the way.  Probate and Estate Planning are the primary focus of this law office.  If you are involved in a Probate, let us be your guide.  We can be reached at (858) 455-1008 or Adam@FamilyEstatePlanner.com